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Create a captivating brand that resonates with your readers

Unleash Your Author Brand Using AI
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Do you feel like your unique voice drowns in the vast sea of indie authors?

If so, you’re not alone.

It can feel daunting to stand out, connect with your audience, and build a loyal readership in saturated reader markets, especially when branding, marketing, and design might not be your forte.

Imagine a world where your author brand attracts readers who love your work.

What if you could effortlessly communicate your unique voice and values, creating a magnetic pull for your target audience?

Envision mastering the tools and techniques needed to present your work professionally, without relying on external help.


How to Unleash Your Author Brand Using AI

Designed specifically for authors, this course includes bite-sized video lessons, tutorials, and templates to help you go from, “Who is my book for?” to having a bespoke author brand that feels uniquely and authentically YOU.

Regular Pricing: $297

FREE exclusively for Bookmas July 2024 Participants!

Hi there, I’m Kelly Noel (they/them)!

Chai latte fan, Bridgerton fanatic, Book of the Month (BOTM) subscriber, and zealous designer & brand strategist.

Oh, and I’ve been a lifelong reader and writer. My Bachelor’s is in English: Writing, where I analyzed, critiqued, and wrote my fair share of fiction.

(In fact, I was even co-editor of my school’s literary magazine for 2 years, and my honor’s thesis involved me writing an original spicy dystopian novella.)

BUT, as a designer and brand strategist, I’ve seen too many talented authors struggle to make their mark.

It’s become harder to stand out because people’s attentions are shorter, and there’s SOOOOOO many things (including other books!) vying for readers’ attentions.

I created BrandCraft because I believe in empowering authors with the tools and knowledge to build their brand on their terms, without the steep price tag.

This course encapsulates the EXACT process I use with my brand strategy clients.

That means you get my 10+ years of experience with marketing, copywriting, and design, at an accessible price so you can easily elevate your author brand.

Ready to stand out from the noise?

Now’s the time for your author brand to shine!

What This course includes

Whenever you’re investing in a comprehensive solution, you want to make sure you’re not piecemealing the darn thing.

As someone who’s invested in a BUNCH of courses myself, I also know I feel better when I know EXACTLY what I’m getting and I can make sure it matches my learning styles.

    Course Workbook

    Filled with guided activities to understand your brand’s core. Fillable PDF & Google Doc.

    Video Lessons

    Bite-sized video lessons (most are just 10 minutes!) help you digest the content & avoid overwhelm.



    Transcripts are available for each lesson, so you can read along with the video if you prefer.

    ChatGPT Prompts

    Custom prompts to help you get better AI outputs & real-time tutorials on how to do so.

    Templates & Tools

    Shortcut the process with the exact templates & tools that I use with my 1-on-1 branding clients.

    Sounds like what you need?

    If so, I’d love to see you inside BrandCraft!

    Oh, you want bonuses?

    Good news, we’ve got those, too!

    Bonus #1: Live Round

    When you enroll in BrandCraft through Bookmas, you also get to participate in the upcoming live round of this course happening from August 12-30, 2024.

    During the live round, I’m on-hand to support you through the content, so you basically get group/private coaching… at no additional cost.

    PLUS, you’ll have the opportunity win special promo to my list, Badass Bucks, private brand coaching, AND MORE!

    Live Round Begins in...








    Bonus #2: $100 Badass bucks

    In addition to the live round and core course content, you’ll get $100 in Badass Bucks.

    What are Badass Bucks?

    Basically, it’s money that you can use for ANY products or services I sell through Your Badass Biz.

    Right now, you can use it towards these offers…

    • BrandCraft VIP: private podcast access, monthly Q&A calls, Voxer office hours, and community forum
    • Voxer Power Hour, a 60-minute private coaching session over Voxer
    • Badass Biz Intensive, my signature done-with-you (DWY) branding/design service

    Badass Bucks are valid for 6 months from enrollment.

    The Curriculum At A Glance

      Module 1: Getting Started

      • What Author Branding Entails
      • The Author Marketing Lifecycle
      • Why We Start With Branding
      • 5 Steps of Branding You’ll Learn
      • Software We Use in This Course & Workarounds

      Module 2: Define Your Author Goals

      • How Your Goals Affect Your Brand
      • Creating SMART Goals as an Author (using AI to help you)
      • Mapping Out Your 5-Year Vision
      • Getting Clear on Your Personal Values First (+ AI tutorials)

      Module 3: Do Your Research!

      • How to do market research the quick and easy way (using AI)
      • How to ask existing readers to help with your research (optional!)
      • Creating your perfect patron profile to create epic content

      Module 4: Author Brand Messaging

      • Elements of Brand Messaging
      • Where Author Messaging Differs from a Typical Business
      • How to Craft Messaging with AI
      • Leading with Your Why: Your Mission, Vision, & Values

      Module 5: Brand Visual Assets

      • The 5 Core Brand Visual Assets
      • How to Use Color Psychology & Archetype to Create a Brand that Resonates with Your Readers
      • Tutorials: Create Your Visual Assets in an Afternoon with AI

      Module 6: YOur Brand Bible

      • Creating v1.0 of your brand bible and what to include
      • When to expand your Brand Bible & what extra elements to include
      • Craft your brand bible with AI
      • How to use & share this document

      How do I know if this course is for me?

      Great question! Hopefully, this helps break it down.

      This is For You if...

      • You want to build a captivating author brand that truly reflects your personal style and your writing.
      • You’re looking for effective ways to communicate the value of your books to your potential readers.
      • You’re willing to do your author branding, marketing, and design (mostly) by yourself and want to have a professional presence on the interwebs.
      • You’re new to marketing, design, branding, or artificial intelligence (AI)… I’ve got tutorials that break it down!

      This is Probably NOT For You if...

      • You’ve already worked with a designer & brand strategist previously and feel REALLY GOOD about your brand
      • You’re DONE with DIY and just want to hire a pro to do the damn thing for you (if this is where you’re at, a Badass Biz Intensive might be perfect for you)
      • You’re not willing to learn new skill sets, invest 1-3 hours per week, or follow the process that I’ve outlined.
      • You’re super-duper experienced with branding and design yourself…. these strategies are beginner & intermediate.

      Still vibin’ with me here?

      Yes, BrandCraft sounds like it’s perfect for me!

      Want to Make Sure I Know My Stuff?

      This is what recent clients have said about working with me on brand strategy and website design.

      Ready to go from DIY to Dynamite?

      Then sign up to get access to BrandCraft!

      Normally $297, yours today for FREE!

      I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Noel Zeva through mutual acquaintances as I was looking for assistance with my online presence. As an emerging poet and artist, I felt I was not very visible online, nor did I have a good way to market my books and art effectively. Kelly Noel was immediately full of questions about my style, my work, and the kind of presence I wanted online.

      From there, they absolutely ran with ideas and suggestions to craft me an amazing artist website complete with e-commerce, a calendar of events, and a mailing list engine for future newsletters. Kelly Noel was open to suggestions and feedback at every turn, so I felt like it was truly a good online reflection of myself and my work.

      They also took the time to train me on the basics of my site so that I can update to add upcoming events, new art, and my forthcoming book, so the website is truly dynamic. I will forever be grateful to them for helping me present a truly professional face on the internet, and I know this is just the beginning of me being a more productive and present force online.

      R.B. Simon

      Award-Winning Poet & Queer Visual Artist

      You’ve got questions?

      Perfect, because I’ve got answers.

      Q: Is this course suitable for beginners?

      A: Absolutely! BrandCraft is designed to guide you through every step, making it perfect for beginners and seasoned authors alike. There’s over-the-shoulder tutorials for all the tech we use, and I’ve strived to make it as user-friendly as possible.

      Q: How long do I have access to the course?

      A: You’ll enjoy lifetime access to the core content of this course, including all future updates and additions. Should I choose to discontinue providing support and service to this course at some point in the future (I don’t foresee that), you’ll receive at least 30 days of notice.

      Access to the premium aspects of this program (e.g., private podcast, Voxer office hours, Q&A calls, community forum) are available for an additional annual subscription.

      Q: Do I have to be an author to take this course?

      A: While there’s some content that is specific to authors, many of these principles apply to branding businesses in other industries. If you’re a solopreneur or entrepreneur looking to take your brand from DIY to dynamite, there’s a lot of value in this course. Simply skip the lessons that are specific to authors and author marketing.

      If you’re not an author and want to make sure BrandCraft is right for you before purchasing it, please send us an email at

      Q: Do I need any special software?

      A: Great question! I’m used to working scrappily, and you might be, too. Throughout this course, I’ll share tutorials for how to create your author brand using Canva, ChatGPT, Marketing Magic, and MidJourney. While I highly recommend Canva Pro because of the additional features it has, and I highly recommend Marketing Magic because of the time it will save you, you can ABSOLUTELY use the free version of ChatGPT and Canva if you’re just starting out and looking to save some money on expenses.

      Please note: I am an affiliate for Marketing Magic, so if you do become a paying member, you’ll receive some Badass Bucks from me as a thank you for the commission I receive when you purchase from my affiliate link.

      Q: Can I get a refund for this course if I'm not satisfied?

      A: Due to the digital nature of this course, and that some of the course components are downloadable, I do not offer refunds for this course except in very unusual circumstances. Please ensure that this course is a good investment for you right now before purchasing it. If you are unsure about the value this course would bring you, please reach out to our team to seek clarification by emailing us at

      Q: I have a question not answered here.

      A: I want to make sure you get all your questions answered, so be sure to email me at, and we’ll get you sorted ASAP.

      Get Access Now!

      Standard Pricing: $297

      FREE Exclusively for Bookmas in July Participants