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Create Design & Messaging That's Fire In Just 1-5 Days

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Why You Need a Badass Biz Intensive

You’re starting a business, or you’ve DIYed it so far, and you already know you need better branding, better messaging, or better systems.

But with a traditional branding or website project, you’re waiting WEEEKS.

There’s back-and-forth, revisions, edits, and time wasted because everyone forgot exactly where the project was in progress.

Instead, we get it done in through day-long intensives. Because it’s a day all about you and your brand, I’m more focused, and so are you.

With an intensive, you get the results you want with LESS of your time involved.

We prepare ahead of time to make the most of your intensive. Then on the day you chose, I work at lightning speed to get you the branding, website, email marketing, or systems of your dreams.

All you have to do is give feedback along the way.

And do a bit of prep work (I walk you through it!) before we start. If that sounds good, read on!

Design Your Day

While we can’t cover this ALL in a day (damn, I wish we could!), here are some options of what we can work on in that timeframe. You can also book 2-3+ days if you have a larger website project or just want it all for your brand and biz.

Think of this like a menu… you get to pick your entree, and maybe 1-2 sides. 🍲

Branding & Design

  • Brand identity & logo design
  • Website design (1-3 pages in 1 day)
  • Print materials (e.g., biz cards, flyers)
  • Social media templates & graphics
  • Branded merchandise

Messaging & Content

  • Mission, vision, values
  • Website copy
  • Content strategy & calendar
  • Welcome or evergreen sequence
  • Email newsletters

Delivery Systems

  • Calendar setup (Acuity, Calendly)
  • Building your tech stack
  • Marketing & sales automation
  • Course platform setup
  • eCommerce setup (WooCommerce)

⚠️ Head's up, badass. ⚠️

When you book a VIP Day, you’re paying for my skills, time, and expertise, not a guaranteed set of deliverables.

With my experience and efficient process, we’ll get a lot done… but just how much depends on how thoroughly you complete your pre-work and how responsive you are on your actual VIP Day.

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Noel Zeva through mutual acquaintances as I was looking for assistance with my online presence. As an emerging poet and artist, I felt I was not very visible online, nor did I have a good way to market my books and art effectively. Kelly Noel was immediately full of questions about my style, my work, and the kind of presence I wanted online.

From there, they absolutely ran with ideas and suggestions to craft me an amazing artist website complete with e-commerce, a calendar of events, and a mailing list engine for future newsletters. Kelly Noel was open to suggestions and feedback at every turn, so I felt like it was truly a good online reflection of myself and my work.

They also took the time to train me on the basics of my site so that I can update to add upcoming events, new art, and my forthcoming book, so the website is truly dynamic. I will forever be grateful to them for helping me present a truly professional face on the internet, and I know this is just the beginning of me being a more productive and present force online.

R.B. Simon

Award-Winning Poet & Queer Visual Artist

Happy Clients

The (social) proof is in the pudding.

Your time is valuable.

Let’s get these projects off your to-do list in an afternoon.

How long did this project take?

Total, this project took 3 days (about 20 hours). The reason it took more than 1 day is that we were doing branding (half-day) and creating an entirely new eCommerce site and adding projects.

Where can I see the completed site?

As of April 7, 2024, we’re still wrapping up this website project. The “Before” site is currently hosted at, and the redesigned site is hosted at

Can I see other examples of your work?

You can see other examples of my branding, logo design, and website design work at,, and Each of those re-brandings and websites was completed in 1 day where I did the branding (including logo design) in the morning and the website in the afternoon.

Case Study

R.B. Simon is an award-winning poet based in Madison, Wisconsin. Prior to working with us, she had a DIY Squarespace site that looked straight out of 2008. The design did not reflect her intense, lyrical poetry, and the functionality was lacking. She expressed that she wanted to be able to add people to her email list and also sell signed copies of her books, her original artwork, and merch on her site, too.

Design: We created a custom logo and icon for R.B. and determined new brand colors and fonts based on our knowledge of her, speaking with her about her design aesthetic, and using her artwork as inspiration for the design. We also designed a new website in WordPress using Divi.

Messaging: We repurposed most of the existing copy on R.B. Simon’s old site, but we developed copy for her product descriptions using our knowledge of her brand and her products.

Systems: We set up a WooCommerce store for R.B. that allows people to purchase products on her website, track inventory, and receive payment. We also added “Events” and “Tickets” plugins to the site so that R.B. Simon can advertise events where she’ll be performing her poetry, or sell spots to her art therapy workshops.

What’s Included

When you book your intensive, you don’t just get my time day-of! I support you throughout the process to make sure it’s the best experience possible.

Here’s exactly what you get:

    • Client portal to house all important documents
    • Thorough pre-work process
    • Pre-intensive strategy call (45 minutes)
    • 7 focused hours of my time on the day of your intensive
    • Post-intensive support call (60 minutes)
    • 30 days of post-intensive support via Voxer & email

The Process

1: Book Your VIP Day

Once you’ve decided to work with me, your next step is to book your VIP Day from my calendar! I book 4-6 weeks out, so get your day on the calendar ASAP!

2: Pre-Work

Next, it’s time to complete your client pre-work! You’ll receive access to your client portal with tasks and activities to complete before your big day.

3: Kickoff Call

Just before your VIP Day, it’s time for us to strategize! We review your pre-work and create a thorough plan for your VIP Day so I’m extra efficient.

4: Day of Intensive

On your VIP Day, I’ll spend the day working on your biz and reach out over Voxer with updates. At the end of the day, I’ll let you know what was accomplished.

5: 30 Days of Support

I don’t leave you hanging! You receive 30 days of post-intensive support via email and Voxer so you can ask questions about work I’ve done.

Book Your Intensive Now

Book your Badass Biz Intensive today by selecting the date that works best for you.

Simply pay 50% up-front (or the whole thing, if you like!) to hold your spot, and then get ready to be WOW-ed by how easy this process is.

You can reschedule the day of your intensive up to two (2) times within a 90-day period, with at least 7 days of advance notice.

As a reminder, here’s what’s included:
  • Client portal
  • Thorough pre-work process
  • Pre-intensive strategy call (60 minutes)
  • 7 focused hours of my time on the day of your intensive
  • Post-intensive strategy call (60 minutes)
  • 30 days of post-intensive support via Voxer & email

Want to discuss your project before you decide?

I totally get it. This is an investment, and you want to make sure I’m the right person. Book your free, no-obligation discovery call below.